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Saint Juan Diego

Price:  $5.50
Item Number:  13141
Carry your saint everywhere you go! As a necklace, attach to backpacks, jacket zippers, as a keychain, auto mirrors, and more! Having fun with theses saints never gets old. Clip, carry, hang, collect the list goes on and on on what you can do with durable saints. Made of soft rubber, they can clip on a child’s backpack, dad’s keychain, mom’s purse, and anything else you can think of!

In 1531, the Virgin Mary appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego and asked him to have a church built at the site of the apparition. Seeking proof, Juan Diego's bishop asked him for a sign. Mary told Juan Diego to gather flowers in his tilma (a Mexican garment) and take them to the bishop. When Juan Diego poured out the flowers, the bishop saw on his tilma the miraculous image of Mary. Today, the image is on display in Mexico City for all to see.

Patron of:
 indigenous peoples, Mexico

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